Welcome to the Santoni online store. We have 175 different Santoni styles and over 2000 pairs in stock. The sizes that show on your selected shoe are real-time stock. Is the shoe of your choice, your size no longer on the current stocklist then please look in re-order, there you find our actual orders with very short delivery time. Or please send us an e-mail. At Santoni’s factory we always have our own current series in back order. Probably your size is there or we have an excellent alternative for you. contact form
NEW: Santoni Emernigeldo 265901065NEW: Santoni Emernigeldo 26590€ 675,00NEW: Santoni Ivan 257471057NEW: Santoni Ivan 25747€ 667,00NEW: Santoni Rocco 265891059NEW: Santoni Rocco 26589€ 505,00NEW: Santoni Roman 265911056NEW: Santoni Roman 26591€ 645,00
NEW: Santoni Renzo 265881058NEW: Santoni Renzo 26588€ 390,00NEW: Santoni Romeo 265811061NEW: Santoni Romeo 26581€ 350,00NEW: Santoni Sandro 265861062NEW: Santoni Sandro 26586€ 325,00Santoni Aaro 257501043Santoni Aaro 25750€ 759,00
Santoni Alfeo 22568857Santoni Alfeo 22568€ 619,95Santoni Amadeo 23643919Santoni Amadeo 23643€ 719,95Santoni Aroldo 24737969Santoni Aroldo 24737€ 679,00Santoni Aventador 19047662Santoni Aventador 19047€ 814,95
Santoni Baldassare 20862731Santoni Baldassare 20862€ 789,95Santoni Belini 208631013Santoni Belini 20863€ 789,95Santoni Biagino 24738975Santoni Biagino 24738€ 679,00Santoni Biagoni 24739977Santoni Biagoni 24739€ 699,00
Santoni Celino 18547623Santoni Celino 18547€ 709,95Santoni Concetto 21196802Santoni Concetto 21196€ 814,95Santoni Donatello 23641925Santoni Donatello 23641€ 629,95Santoni Emilio 23934936Santoni Emilio 23934€ 649,95
Santoni Eusebio 23936939Santoni Eusebio 23936€ 699,95Santoni Geovanni 24736989Santoni Geovanni 24736€ 699,00Santoni Gerodas 24740990Santoni Gerodas 24740€ 775,00Santoni Hippo 18542599Santoni Hippo 18542€ 675,00
Santoni Leonard 15796441Santoni Leonard 15796€ 709,95Santoni Perfetta 22876877Santoni Perfetta 22876€ 734,95Santoni Roel 16976528Santoni Roel 16976€ 689,95Santoni Theonio 11269208Santoni Theonio 11269€ 669,95
Santoni Emiliano 257411015Santoni Emiliano 25741€ 360,00Santoni Ernesto 23448938Santoni Ernesto 23448€ 369,95Santoni Humberto 257401011Santoni Humberto 25740€ 300,00Santoni Kyle 23446915Santoni Kyle 23446€ 334,95
Santoni Levi 257381044Santoni Levi 25738€ 360,00Santoni Milan 257391045Santoni Milan 25739€ 360,00Santoni Franz 257431039Santoni Franz 25743€ 608,00Santoni Mathias 257421038Santoni Mathias 25742€ 773,00
Santoni Outdoor 19778683Santoni Outdoor 19778€ 629,95Santoni Outdoor buffalo 21201815Santoni Outdoor buffalo 21201€ 699,95Santoni Outdoor limited 21200814Santoni Outdoor limited 21200€ 1.599,95Santoni Urs 257441047Santoni Urs 25744€ 608,00
Santoni Duc of Milan 21023756Santoni Duc of Milan 21023€ 949,95Santoni Ferro 257511017Santoni Ferro 25751€ 832,00Santoni Milano 16974529Santoni Milano 16974€ 949,95Santoni Setino 23937928Santoni Setino 23937€ 979,95
Santoni Tadeo 257481027Santoni Tadeo 25748€ 990,00Santoni Takito 257491026Santoni Takito 25749€ 1.055,00Santoni Tino 250241028Santoni Tino 25024€ 629,00Santoni Geo 257451018Santoni Geo 25745€ 673,00
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Santoni online shop contains over 135 different models, most exclusive made for us and send to you from the Netherlands from Hong Kong or from Los Angeles. All shoes are handmade in Macerata Italy. The inprint ,,Fatto a Mano da Santoni per Vousten'' guarantees you the original product.

About us

Vousten serves customers worldwide with Santoni shoes, belts and products over the internet and through our shop/warehouse in the Netherlands, in Hong Kong and in Los Angeles.


Vousten Man & Mode B.V.
Hoofdstraat 81
5481 AC  Schijndel

The Netherlands
+31 73 5492303

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Vousten has large stocks Santoni shoes at three locations in the world. This for worldwide customers service to ensure a quick 24 or 48 hour delivery and after sales service next-door for fast exchanges or returns. The final pricing of Santoni shoes by continent is determined by differences in local tax regulations, by import duties and transport. Facilitating dodging of TAX and IMPORT DUTIES, we cannot cooperate in that. Therefore we have for you as a customer, our Santoni Satelite Stock Service in Hong Kong and Los Angeles. Hoping thus to provide the best and fastest service. It may be possible that your selected shoes are not in stock on your continent. If that is the case we do send it and extra costs of shipping and import taxes are for us. We refund these costs if you inform us.